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The FiveM launcher is the client side of GTA servers that launches the game on your PC with a variety of options, such as custom buttons, website and social links, or links to other resources, etc.

The FiveM Script Store provides vetted and tested scripts to help players customize their game launchers for GTA V.

Launcher V5

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $35.00.

Launcher V4

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.00.

Launcher V3

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $25.00.

Launcher V2

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $15.00.

The experience of playing GTA V is realized in its full potential when you play the multiplayer mode through FiveM servers.

FiveM is a platform that allows players to upgrade their game using customizations and modifications and play with other real players in an online role-playing mode, using custom tools and cars.

Benefits of Using FiveM Launchers

Using custom launchers for GTA V through the FiveM Script Store has several benefits:

  • You can add custom characteristics, like background GIFs.
  • You can incorporate the capability to connect to multiple servers.
  • You can add more buttons to the launcher.
  • You can decide on button placement on your launcher interface.
  • You can create a custom login interface for FiveM.

Custom launchers can greatly enhance the functionality of your GTA V by providing you with handy access to various modules in the game, options to download items, or access different games on different servers from a single screen.

FiveM Game Launchers Range

FiveM Script Store provides you with four handy versions of GTA V launchers:

Launcher V5

The most advanced version of GTA V launchers in FiveM Script Store. Rated 5 stars, this launcher can be purchased at a deal for $45, with an original license.

Launcher V4

This version of the GTA V launcher comes with a no-risk money-back guarantee. It is 100% open source and can be bought for $30.

Launcher V3

This is the most versatile version of the game launcher at the FiveM Script Store. It comes with a variety of buttons and social links, with an option to uninstall the game as well. It can be purchased for $35.

Launcher V2

The most basic version of the GTA launcher with no frills and full focus on loading the game. You can get it for $25.

Why Do Customers Prefer FiveM Game Launchers?

In addition to providing continuous customer support and guidance, the FiveM Script Store has massive experience in offering quality and verified FiveM items across 6 categories. It has 2,400 curated products and over 1,000 sales.

Furthermore, every FiveM Script Store contributed item goes through stringent performance and quality screening. Offering a diverse selection across various categories, this store offers a user-friendly browsing experience that keeps customers returning for hassle-free mod shopping.

This store's community support helps its contributors and users connect with each other and share knowledge or offer help.

Top Ranking FiveM Game Launchers

Listed below are the most popular FiveM game launchers:

  • Launcher V2: Your basic GTA V launcher without distractions.
  • Launcher V3: A versatile game launcher with options for social buttons.
  • Launcher V4: A performant game launcher with social options, server name, and custom background.
  • Launcher V5: The most popular launcher derived from source files with high-end graphics.

Common Questions About FiveM Game Launchers

What is a FiveM launcher?

It is a centralized interface that houses your game library that traditional input methods can access.

What is the benefit of a game launcher?

Game launchers can be used to make game options and items accessible by placing links and buttons on a single screen.

What are the features of a game launcher?

A customized game launcher can have features like game data display, last saved or gameplay activity, social media options, custom buttons, custom backgrounds, etc.

Can I have multiple server options on the game launcher?

Yes, FiveM Script Store has launchers that allow you to incorporate access to multiple servers from the interface.

Does the GTA V launcher improve performance?

Launchers can help reduce the access time to various items in the game library by providing quick access on a single interface.

Is FiveM Script Store a good place to buy a GTA V launcher?

All our scripts are vetted, verified, and tested before being displayed in the store. We are a community-led store and 100% open-source.